How it works is a very user friendly online auction site that is keen on bringing brand new products from top product categories and from the most popular brands. At we have two types of auctions namely – Lowest Unique Auctions and Express Auctions.


First Things First


To start bidding at there are few simple formalities that you need to take care.


Register for your free account.

Visit the following page ‘Register Now’, fill the simple registration form and follow the instructions given. The entire registration process should take just a couple of minutes. Just remember to give the correct email ID because you need to verify your email ID to activate your account.


Fuel your account with adequate funds.

To take part in the auction you need to have credits. Add funds to your account so that you can buy your credits. You just need to click the “Add Funds” button after logging into your account and follow payment instructions. You will find number of payment options to choose from, choose your preferred payment mode and get started with the auctions.


Start placing your bids

We have a wide range of brand new products. You just need to choose a product that you like and start placing your bids.


Winning bids

When you place winning bids you will receive intimation from The winner will receive email intimation along with the instructions on receiving the products. The entire process is just a breeze. We keep it simple, easy and straightforward so that you can enjoy bidding and enjoy winning at 



Understanding The Auction Types:


1.Lowest Unique Auctions


Under Lowest Unique Auctions we have two categories:


Time Based Auctions

Here no limit is placed on the number of bids you can place. The only criterion used to pick the winning bidder is that your bid should be the lowest unique bid. It is a great way to win expensive products. As long as you have enough credit in your account you can place as many bids as you like. When you place a bid the status of your bid will be displayed. These are the possible outcomes of each bid:

·         Not unique

·         Lowest but not unique

·         Unique but not the lowest

·         Lowest unique

If your bid remains the lowest unique bid until the auction ends you will win the product. You will not be able to view the bid amounts of the other users throughout the auction. You will get updates only on the status of the bid. This ensures that a fair bidding platform is given to every user to win the products.


Auctions Based on Number of Bids

Here, you have the option to choose the maximum number bids that you would like to place. Before placing your bids you should define your auction strategy and this will help you find the lowest unique bid fast. Here the system will feed you with some extra information along with the bid status, which is not available with the Time Based auctions. When you place your bid the system will indicate whether your bid is unique or not and it will also tell you whether your bid value is too high or too low so that you can alter your bids accordingly.


2. Express Auctions


Express auctions are for people that like to buy the product when they find the price of the product appealing irrespective of the actual bid value. Express auctions are also very simple to play. To place the bids you should have enough credits in your account.

When you are ready to play, you just need to click on the ‘Show Price’ button. Whenever a user clicks the ‘Show Price” button the product cost will be reduced by a preset value and the product value will be indicated. Every time a user clicks the “Show Price” button the product value drops and the user has up to ten seconds to make the buying decision. If the decision is not made within the allotted ten seconds the user need to click the “Show Price” button again to reveal the latest product price.

With the Express Auctions the starting price of the products in the auction will be lower than the market price. You need not have to therefore worry about paying more than the market price for any given product.




Few Exciting Features Of


Buy It Now Feature / Refund Feature [Applicable Only For Lowest Unique Auction]


At any point of time during the auction process if you should feel that you cannot win the product or if you think that you will lose your money, you need not have to feel insecure or feel disappointed. You can easily purchase the products anytime you like during the auction process just by paying the difference between the value of the product and the amount already spent on the bids. You will never have to lose the money you have spent on your bids. To make it even more interesting, gives you the option to purchase the products anytime during the auction or up to 72 hours after the completion of the auction.


Buy Now Price = Product price - Total Bid amount placed by the user in that respective auction



Check Rank: [Applicable only for Lowest Unique Auction]


You can check the rank of each bid you place. This is based on the position of the bids and not by the latest bids. The rank of your bid will be visible only to you and the others’ rank will be indicated as “XXX”.


Live Support: offers users 24 hours Live Chat and Email Support to ensure that you are well supported while making use of our exciting online auction platform. If you have any questions or doubts regarding using do feel free to contact us anytime.


Step 1:
Register and Buy Credits
Step 2:
Place a Bid in Lowest unique Auction or, Click on Show Price in Express Scratch
Step 3:
Win the Product!!
How It Works
Lowest Unique Bid: The bidder who places the lowest unique bid wins the auction Express Auction: The Price reduces on every click placed by any users.