Terms and Conditions

Clicxabids.com is owned and managed by Clicxa Solutions Inc., hereafter referred as the Company or Website or Clicxabids.


By signing up as a member at Clicxabids.com the user agrees to abide by the Terms and Conditions stated in this page. The Terms and Conditions in this page may be changed from time to time as deemed necessary by the company without any prior notice. It is the responsibility of the users to keep themselves up to date with the latest terms and conditions of the Company.



Users And User Accounts


  • The user guarantees that by making use of the auction system at Clicxabids.com that he or she is aged 18 years or over or that he or she meets the legal age requirements of the country of the users’ residence.


  • Users agree to share valid addresses, email addresses and contact information.


  • Users are required to signup for an account to make use of the online auction system at Clicxabids.com.


  • Clicxabids.com shall not be held liable for any loss that may occur due to improper use of the Clixabids.com user account login credentials. Users are responsible for keeping the user name and password details confidential.


  • Users by signing up at Clicxabids.com guarantee that they are not using the personal information including the contact information of any third parties.


  • Auction winner cannot use the Buy-It-Now feature in the Lowest Unique Auctions. This feature can be used only by users that do not win the products in the auction or by users prior to their winning of the auction.


  • Every user is allowed to win a maximum of 10 auctions per month.


  • There is a Limit for the number of bids Placed per user in every auction. Every user is allowed to Spend up to 15% of the total Product Value.


  • The users agree not to use any illegal methods to win the bids or to manipulate the system. The Company has the right to forfeit the winnings in case use user malpractice. The Company is the final authority in deciding on these issues.


  • Only one active account is permitted per user.


  • Credit Withdrawal option is applicable only for the Credits Won in Credit Package Acutions. Credits Deposited via Payment Gateways cannot be withdrawn.



The Scope Of Clicxabids.com Service


  • The scope of the services offered by Clicxabids.com includes but not limited to the management of the Website, monitoring of the user accounts, bidding activities, communications with the users, announcing of the winners, shipping of the winning products to the users, offering live chat customer support, etc.



Auction Credits


  • Users are required to buy the credits at Clicxabids.com to avail themselves the services of Clicxabids.com.


  • All the credits purchased at Clixabids.com are valid for 30 days and shall be used within these 30 days.


  • The company shall not be held liable for the expiry or for the non-usability of the credits for what so ever reasons.


  • All the credits will be valid and usable only after the payments are realized successfully.


  • Users shall not be able to use the bonus credits offered by the Company in the Express Auctions and in limited auctions or number of bids auctions type in the Lowest Unique Auctions.


  • Credits Purchased will not be Refunded as money for any reason..


  • Users can refer new signups and the referral credits will be credited only after the referred member makes the first deposit.


Winning The Auction


  • Clicxabids.com does not place any guarantees to any individual user on the winning of the auction.


  • By taking part in the auctions, the user agrees to pay the winning bid amount once the auction ends within the stipulated time.


  • By taking part in the auctions the users agree that their details be published in the website on account of winning an auction.


Shipping And The Delivery Of The Products


  • Users agree to pay the shipping charges. The shipping charges will be decided by the Company and it will vary from product to product depending on the size of the product, weight of the product and the distance to be shipped.


  • Clicxabids will ensure that the products are dispatched within 3 to 7 days in normal circumstances. It may take longer in some unforeseen circumstances.


  • Delivery of the products may take any where between 2 to 4 weeks.


  • Users agree to be communicated through phone calls from the Company in case the bidder wins the auction.


  • Users agree to submit the required proofs and documents to prove the identity of the winning bidder. This will also include photo proof ID, etc.



  • For two wheelers and Four Wheelers, Company will pay the basic showroom Price, other charges such as Insurance, Registration...etc will have to be paid by the winner. Winner will have to collect it from the nearest showrrom



  • Gold Items will not be shipped / Couriered, Winner will have to collect it from the Clicxa Office.



Products And Products Warranty


  • Clicxabids.com does not offer any guarantees or warrantees on the products. All product warranties come directly from the manufacturers and the users shall contact the manufacturers for all product related issues.



Product Availability


  • As Clicxabids.com does not stock the products, the product availability will depend on the supplier guarantees on the availability of the products. However, Clicxabids.com will do everything within its limits to choose suppliers that are reliable and suppliers that offer prompt delivery of the products. In case of non-availability of the products despite taking all the basic precautions by the Company, users shall be notified of the same. You can choose any other product for the same value. If you dont like any listed product you can claim for refund. In that case only the amount that you paid us will be refunded excluding any discount coupon values. The users agree to accept such arrangements in good trust.



Buy It Now or Refund Feature


  • Buy It Now or Refund Feature is applicable only for Time based Lowest Unique Auctions.
  • The Refund is based on the Number of bids placed in the corresponding auction that you wish to buy, bids placed in other auction will not add to that.
  • The availability of this option may vary with different Products or auctions.
  • Users can use this Feature to buy the product up to 72 hours once the auction Ends.
  • There is a limit for the number of users who can avail this offer with every auction.



Product Details


  • Clicxabids.com will make every effort possible to present information that is as accurate as possible regarding the products and post genuine product images in the auctions. However, it is the responsibility of the users to verify the technical specifications of the products and brand featured as the information posted may contain typographical errors or otherwise.





  • Clicxa Solutions Inc., or its employees shall not be held liable for any loss monetary or otherwise that result from the use of the services at Clicxabids.com. Clicxabids.com shall not be held liable for any inconvenience caused to the users due to incorrect or incomplete information posted on the Website.


  • Though Clicxabids.com takes all the basic security measures to provide the users with a secure platform, no guarantee can be given on 100% security as all internet communications are susceptible to such threats. Clicxabids.com shall not be held responsible for any and all security related issues that may be faced by the user in using the services at Clicxabids.com.

Step 1:
Register and Buy Credits
Step 2:
Place a Bid in Lowest unique Auction or, Click on Show Price in Express Scratch
Step 3:
Win the Product!!
How It Works
Lowest Unique Bid: The bidder who places the lowest unique bid wins the auction Express Auction: The Price reduces on every click placed by any users.